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Emergency Air Conditioning Services in Ross Township, McCandless, Wexford & Cranberry

Each year, it seems like every Pittsburgh summer is hotter and more humid than the last. Since 1988, property owners in Pittsburgh’s North Hills have turned to A-Comfort Service for refuge from this heat. We provide reliable AC services in Ross, McCandless, Wexford, Cranberry and nearby areas.

Our North Hills Air Conditioning Services Include:

Air Conditioning Installation – A-Comfort Service stocks and installs top of the line Trane, Rheem and York air conditioners. Our expert technicians can also install any AC unit regardless of make or model. (Learn More)

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Once you’ve invested in home cooling, annual AC maintenance is the best way to ensure continuous cooling comfort. A-Comfort Service’s annual air conditioner tune-up and maintenance will prolong system longevity, efficiency, and optimal comfort. (Learn More)

Air Conditioning Repair – If your air conditioner stops working or cooling properly, don’t sweat it. Simply give us a call. We’ll dispatch an HVAC specialist to your property right away for emergency North Hills AC repair service. First, we’ll identify the problem with our highly advanced diagnostic equipment. From there, we’ll advise if repair, replacement parts, or a new unit is your most economical fix. (Learn More)

Residential Air Conditioning Services

When the AC unit was invented, cooling homes wasn’t the intended purpose. Early air conditioners were built for industry as a means to keep working conditions bearable. Houses were architecturally built to stay cool with high ceilings, ceiling fans, and transoms. Shade trees were often planted to block the summer sun. Families spent a lot of evenings on their porches to stay cool and socialize with neighbors. Some would even sleep on the porch on a hot summer night.

Home AC units came into prominence decades later and we haven’t looked back. Today, it can be said we can’t live without air conditioning. As summers get hotter and hotter, we’ve become accustomed to living in a cocoon of cool air. We migrate from an air conditioned house to an air conditioned car right into an air conditioned office and then back home again.

Suburban tract housing isn’t necessarily built with the same forethought of keeping the space cool. Sure, some older homes in the Pittsburgh region can still stay cool with a few window AC units and fans. However, central air is a must for most home buyers today.

If you’ve bought a home with central air conditioning, please call A-Comfort Service for an inspection, tune-up, and maintenance prior to its first use. Nobody wants their air conditioner to go on the fritz on a humid 91 degree day in July. If you’re looking to install a new central AC unit, we’ll be more than happy to counsel you on optimizing your investment.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

We are the air conditioning service provider for a number of commercial businesses throughout the North Hills of Pittsburgh. We know commercial property owners have a lot on their plate. But maintaining optimal cooling for tenants cannot be overlooked. Maintaining your AC system is an investment, not an expense. Your air conditioning system must be properly preserved to keep tenants comfortable on hot days and utility bills manageable.

A commercial building’s AC unit must also be properly sized based on square footage, occupancy, infiltration rate, exterior exposure, and duct structure design. An oversized system will result in poor temperature control and high utility bills. An undersized system runs all the time, increasing utility bills even more, and still won’t result in a comfortable temperature. Our technicians can steer you in the right direction.


Need emergency air conditioning service in the North Hills of Pittsburgh? Call 412-366-8117 for 24/7 AC service in Ross, Wexford, McCandless, Cranberry, and surrounding areas. We look forward to keeping you cool!

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