Standard 2″ Duct

  • Our standard duct can deliver up to 30 CFMFull range of round and slotted outlets which are available in a variety of finishes
  • Outlets can also be painted to match any color
  • Recommended to use 6 outlets per nominal ton to keep noise levels virtually silent


2.5″ Duct with Threaded Outlet

  • 2.5” tubing paired with a new Threaded outlet
  • The 2.5” tubing can deliver up to 50 CFM
  • Full range of round outlets available
  • Has the same sound level as a 2” outlet but more airflow
  • If you have normal duct lengths and can maintain the same static pressure, you can reduce the number of outlets and save on installation time
  • Because of greater airflow capabilities, the 2.5” tubing and outlet are ideal for high altitude installations